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Overview of Business in Dubai |

Over the past decade Dubai under the rule of His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has become one of the most important trade hubs in the world. Being located between Europe and Asia this is a perfect location to start your new business or expand your existing business. The Government of Dubai early realized that it is absolutely neccessary to be independent of the oil business and have successfully developed a fantastic business climate for investors and foreigners to enter the market and create a trading and service based economy. Being one of the safest places in the world and having a strong local currency and a very modern and transparent banking system Dubai is a natural place to base your business in. The quick recovery from the real estate crisis of 2008 that hit very hard on Dubai has shown the flexible and very careful approach from the Government and is a great example of how the Government cares and protects the interest of the foreign investors. BB1 Business Center JLT is a perfect place to start the journey of your business in Dubai. Whether you are a start up business, an existing business in the region or a international company who are interested in to entering the market we will have a solution for you. BB1 Business Center JLT has a very personal and flexible approach to each client, and our business is to get your business ready for operation with minimum cost and maximum speed.

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